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Healthy eats and treats for your distinctive palate and dietary needs.


Do you want comfort food without the calories?  Are you a food connoisseur who loves to indulge in international cuisines?  Did you ever want to try vegetarian, but never knew how yummy it could be?  Do dairy free and gluten food options make your belly HAPPI!


If you said yes to yourself during any part of the above food inquisition, then I have a recipe or several hundred for you.  Enjoy twelve weeks of my healthy meal ideas featuring my “recipes for success” which helped me lose nearly 200lbs.  Each week you will receive 28 new recipes.  While all that food might seem overwhelming my itemized shopping list will simplify your grocery trip.  You will be perusing the produce, vying for veggies and other fresh finds while headed to the checkout line in no time!



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