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I will show you the exercises that helped me lose nearly 200lbs.  The Happi Woman Workout Plan is for you, whether you are just getting started or have been working out for years, have 10lbs. to lose or 100lbs.  My plan can suit your fitness level and progress you to the next.


These plans can be done at home or in a gym. Let me show you the exercises that helped me achieve my amazing results. These programs will:


•Jumpstart your metabolism while you boost your energy level and self-confidence

•Target and shrinking your problem areas

•Learn how to fit your workout into your busy schedule

•Interval training for maximum results in a shorter period of time

•Mind/Body Pilates and Yoga component for core strength, flexibility and relaxation

•Includes a subscription to The Daily Burn with daily tips and workouts


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Are you trying to lose weight for that special anniversary, dream vacation, class reunion?  Do you just want to be able to run around easier and play tag with your kids?  Milestone events and significant relationships are all good motivation to get into shape.  I obviously have been in a similar situation and have the plan to help you!


Yep, that is me nearly 200lbs. heavier and those are my pants.  My weight loss journey took me to a new love, fitness.  I fell in love with fitness and we have had a HAPPI relationship for more than a decade, now celebrating nearly 20 fitness certifications.  


HAPPI relationships are not always easy, so I get and understand the weight frustrations and fluctuations that go along with being a woman.  


I’ve walked in your shoes, when I could barely walk on a treadmill or down the street without achy feet.  Now, it is your time to start out on the right (or left) foot, by getting your plan and get your “HAPPI Feet” moving!