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the modern mommy's guide to a happi biz and happi life



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Are you a modern mommy, whether it be to your own children, family member or four legged friend?  Do you want to love your life, enjoy your food, feel good and get paid for what you love to do?  


Do you just want to be HAPPI?


Here at Happi Woman, we understand the significance of loving relationships, the value of family and the fulfillment you get from your professional life.  We are Happi Women, and we want you to be a HAPPI woman, too.  


We are the voice and supporters for all of you mommies out there.  We get it and we got it even before we were moms.  We, like you, have always had those nurturing, maternal instincts in our personal, social and professional lives.  We want to empower other women to have balance and be able to spend time with their children, their spouse, their friends, and make every moment of their lives HAPPI.


Let us help you be FRESH, FIT, FAB, and achieve FAME- aka the perfect formula for a modern happi woman.